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Making the Most of TriMark Home Inspections

Attend the Inspection

Attending the inspection should be a priority. It’s much easier to understand the report if you have seen the issue with your own eyes rather than try to imagine what we are talking about. Attending the inspection is also a learning experience. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our inspector will point out things that you may not have noticed. Our inspectors have a trained eye and know what to look for.

Walk with our inspector. If you don’t understand what he is looking at, ask questions. Take notes or even pictures of your own to help you remember what you’re looking at. Is the defect something you could live with or something you may have to negotiate a repair for before making an offer to buy?

Staying with the inspector the entire time even if this means sticking your head up through a ceiling hatch or visiting the dark corners of a basement. Our inspector is there to look in areas that most home owners only look at if the trouble has already made itself known. The inspector can find things that could present problems down the road and will be cheaper to fix now rather than after the problem has blown out of proportion.

Read Our Report

Once the inspection is done, we will give you a blow-by-blow report on potential issues. Just remember, little problems can turn into big problems.

Check Out TriMark Inspection Reports

Latest Technology

using digital temperature sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas sniffers for increased effectiveness.

Digital Photographs

of the subject property and significant found issues in a separate photo report. 

Inspection Services

performs a thorough inspection that meets or exceeds the NC Home Inspection Licensure Board (NCHILB) standard requirements.