TriMark Home Inspection Services of North Carolina

...because Home Inspection matters

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Examples of Digital Photographs

Flashing Pulling Away
Image Detail
Flashing pulling away at roof to chimney.
Water Stains In Attic
Image Detail
Water stains in attic, roof leaking at eave.
Door Frame Deteriorated
Image Detail
Exterior wood trim and door frame deteriorated at bottom.
Broken Window Seal
Image Detail
Broken seal in insulated glass in door, moisture between panes.
No Kick-Out Flashing Installed
Image Detail
New construction no kick-out flashing installed below rake edge tie in upper roof.
Improperly Installed Base
Image Detail
New construction Improperly installed base flashing at gas exhaust vent.
Improperly Graded
Image Detail
New construction Improperly graded exterior–towards foundation wall promotes water into crawlspace.
Roof Inspection
Image Detail
We inspect the roof!
Water Stains From Leak At Flashing
Image Detail
Water stains in attic from roof leak at flashing.
Broken 2x4 Roof Truss
Image Detail
New construction – broken 2 x 4 in roof truss system.
TJI Wood I Beam Cut
Image Detail
New Construction: TJI wood I beam cut to accommodate plumbing waste line.
Deteriorated Floor Joist
Image Detail
Deteriorated floor joist in crawlspace caused by plumbing waste water leak.
Wood Destroying Insects
Image Detail
Wood destroying insects (mud runs) infiltrating floor system in crawlspace.
Poor Bearing Support
Image Detail
Poor bearing support of floor system, girder at top of pier in crawlspace.
Gas Leak Detected
Image Detail
Gas leak detected at gas pipe fitting at furnace in attic.
Insulation Missing
Image Detail
New construction–insulation missing in crawlspace floor system.
Water Entering Crawlspace
Image Detail
New construction–Water entering crawlspace due to improper exterior grading.
Water Infiltration Into Crawlspace
Image Detail
Water infiltration into crawlspace floor system band joist from below exterior side door.
HVAC Cabinet Rusting
Image Detail
HVAC air change cabinet rusting out in crawlspace, air conditioning condensation drain line was plugged.
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